Sam's cycle tour, the book made to inspire cycle touring and adventure in children. Get your copy here 


In May 2014 my partner and I set off on a 6 month cycle trip around Europe. At this time It was important for us to try to engage our neices and nephews what we were doing and where we were going. However, as much as I would love to believe that the little people in our life are fascinated by everything we do. Their not, and reality soon set in when their attention started to drift at.. "I'm going to cycle roun..." In a bid to ensure they stayed interested, I enlisted the help of Sam. Sam is a 6 cm tall plastic character. Sam comes with a bike and trailer, a little green tent and some pretty amazing camping kit!

We set off with the simple intention of sending photo's of Sam from across Europe back to our siblings so they could talk to their children about our trip. However it was'nt long before Sam had an independent following, the pictures were better than either of us had imagined. It turned out Sam was also capturing my imagination and teaching me to play once again, hours were spent making scene's and building new adventures for Sam to explore. 


Sam has given our neices and nephews an insight into cycle touring, enabled them to grow up with an understanding that traveling by bicycle is entirely possible. I hope that through Sam they will grow up knowing that its completely possible to get on your bike and cycle anywhere you like... We arrived home in October 2014 with hundred's of photo's we wanted to share, and so the story of Sam truly began, over the last year I have written and re written Sam's story, time and time again. Finally I believe I have a book to spark children curiosity, hold their interest and most of all inspire them to think about exploring their world.

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